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I started making websites while studying Software Engineering at SPSU as a way to apply what I'd learned, which introduced me to design, marketing, and eventually a freelance career.

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How I Work

My process is rooted in research, so you're not paying me for guesswork. I'll learn your business from your point of view as well as your customer's, to build a website that brings value and drives conversions.

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Past Work

Lisa Noël Babbage

Lisa Noël Babbage is an author, teacher, and philantrophist living in northeast Georgia. https://lisanoelbabbage.com

Homepage for https://lisanoelbabbage.com Blog Post on https://lisanoelbabbage.com About Me page for https://lisanoelbabbage.com Book page for https://lisanoelbabbage.com
block-quote-line Stuart immediately understood the needs of my site and my brand. His consultation was thorough, allowing him to quickly ask the right questions to get us both on the same page. I really appreciate his professional demeanor and solution-oriented practices.
What I did:
  • Created a Mobile-optimized Responsive Website Design
  • Developed a Custom CMS with Blogging capability
  • Setup a shop to sell her books & other merchandise

Sarah Jean Gosney

Sarah is a Writer & Author of All The Cool Girls Are Anarchists.

Landing page for https://sarahjeangosney.com Landing page for https://sarahjeangosney.com Landing page for https://sarahjeangosney.com Landing page for https://sarahjeangosney.com
block-quote-line Stuart is very easy to work with, and his work is even better. Stuart was able to create a design I liked when I didn’t even know what I wanted. He was also very flexible and quick to respond, and he addressed all of my concerns and suggestions right away.
What I did:
  • Migrated & redesigned her previous website
  • Improved loading speed by 335.67%
  • Developed a Custom CMS to allow her to post blogs and edit featured items from anywhere
  • Setup Mailing lists & Contact Forms

I Choose Love Campaign

A non-profit campaign promoting unity and free speech in America through life stories of people from different backgrounds

Landing Screen of https://ichooselovecampaign.org Story page for https://ichooselovecampaign.org https://ichooselovecampaign.org https://ichooselovecampaign.org
block-quote-line All of my ideas from the consultation were incorporated nicely! Also really liked that I can maintain and update the site myself.
For this campaign, I had the challenge of showcasing life stories from all different kinds of people in a way that they could be proud of and call their own.

What I did:
  • Coordinated with my photographer to schedule shoots of each participant to give a unique feel and add context to each story.
  • Created a newsletter and branded emails so that the campaign could keep in touch with those interested in their mission.
  • Developed a Content Management System that allows the team to publish new Articles and Stories whenever they want.
  • Added forms that receive feedback, new stories, or pledges from visitors on the website.
  • Responsive website that performs well on mobile even with the large number of pictures on the site.

World Communities

A global Theater Production Company creating Plays focused on History and Human Rights

Play page on https://worldcommunities.org Plays on https://worldcommunities.org https://worldcommunities.org https://worldcommunities.org
block-quote-line Reviews on your work have been universally superlative. Brilliant Work.

Designing a website for a global audience is never easy; each decision must undergo extra scrutiny to ensure it will be appreciated by many different types of people.

For showcasing each Play, I had to maintain the reader’s interest in the description of an art form that’s meant to be experienced live in a theater. I decided to go with a design reminiscent of a brochure that would be handed out before the play began, using large imagery to set the tone, quotes to draw interest, and a description that leaves readers wanting more.

What I did:
  • Created a robust search engine allowing viewers to quickly search for plays by multiple criteria
  • Created a Content Management System allowing World Communities to publish new plays and make announcements on their homepage
  • Forms allowing visitors to commission or produce new plays, become a World Communities Associate, or share a play they’ve written.
  • Facebook Advertising

King's Preparatory Academy

A Christian private school for elementary level children

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block-quote-line I really appreciate the attention to detail. Every part of the website felt polished.
Websites for Educational Institutions must display more information in an organized manner than practically any other business. I took extra care to confirm a strong taxonomy with the client before moving forward with the design, saving time in the long run and avoiding a last-minute overhaul by building a strong a hierarchical foundation for the vast number of pages I’d be building.

What I did:
  • Created a Careers page that allowed future employees to view and sign-up for jobs offered by the school
  • Worked with my photographer to take pictures for the website
  • Strong organizational hierarchy and clear navigation to help visitors navigate navigate a large website easily
  • Content Management System allowing the school to update their site with current events and announcements

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